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We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Activities/core features of the program

Assessing referred children and families:

Conducting intake and assessment of children and families, to ensure that they are an appropriate fit for BBBS mentoring programs, or should be referred to different community programs

Recruiting Citizens as Volunteers:

Developing and implementing recruitment strategies to attract appropriate volunteers for programs.


All new clients, volunteers and employees must attend regularly scheduled sessions designed to provide an overview of the organization, its mission, goals, structure and activities.

Screening Volunteers:

Requiring that potential volunteers have conducted a criminal records check, and references completed. Prospective volunteers are interviewed, to ensure that their interests or requirements are consistent with BBBS volunteer roles, that their expectations of the mentoring role are clear and appropriate and that they are able to make the required commitment

Training Volunteers:

Providing an orientation to the purpose of the specific mentoring program, the mentoring role, the role of the caseworker, BBBS policies and practices concerning issues such as child safety, building relationships with the child “Little” etc. The completion of the Volunteer Child Safety Program.

Child/Teen Safety Program (for parents and children):

Children are taught appropriate and inappropriate physical, emotional and sexual behaviors and are equipped to protect themselves or seek assistance if they are being abused in any way. This program also includes decision making skills, drug/alcohol awareness as well as a variety of topics affecting today’s children and youth. (Child program: 6-12 years of age, Teen program: 13-16 years of age)

Matching Program:

The matching programs of the organization pairs a child with a volunteer(s) Big Sister/Big Brother/Caring Couple or a Caring Family. Following screening and orientation, an adult volunteer is matched with a child to provide support and friendship and act as a role model.

Being matched means having someone older to spend time with enjoying a variety of different activities. Having someone to respect and grow with can make a substantial difference to a child.

Group Activities:

A range of group activities are offered on a monthly basis including group recreational and craft activities. We host camping trips, fishing trips, Christmas parties, toboggan races, gym days etc. These are provided for all matched and unmatched children and youth, their parents and volunteers

Additional Support:

The Caseworkers are available to offer support on a regular basis to the volunteers, parents and children to achieve the goals established for their match. They are also available to discuss possible problems and solutions to assist in the healthy development of their match. An in-person meeting held every 4 months and then annually enables the parents, volunteers and children to talk about their match and things they have learned or done together. These are also opportunities to share ideas of areas needing extra guidance or support.

Facilitating, Linking Families with Additional Community Supports:

In the follow-up with parents, they may identify other family issues or concerns. The caseworker will link parents to additional resources in the community.

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