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We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Friend for a Day

This program was created for volunteers who want to volunteer their time but are unable to make a commitment to one specific child.

The screening process is the same for any volunteer. We ask that our Friends for A Day make the commitment to take 1-2 children out per month for an outing. Due to the lengthy period of time that a child will be placed on the waiting list, these outings are extremely beneficial to them.

The volunteer calls the caseworker with a date and time that they would like to plan an outing and the caseworker will make the necessary arrangements. The volunteer will be provided with a description of the child and some family background information. The volunteer will be provided with the name of the parent and child as well as their address. The volunteer is asked to contact the parent to confirm the plans and time of pick-up.

After an activity, you are asked to call the caseworker the following day to give a summary of your outing.

Ideas of outings: Sudbury Wolves Games, sport, games, hike, swimming, playing catch, walk on the board walk and picnic, movie, Scince North, building a kite, go to the library, fishing, build a bird house, etc....

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