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17 boys are waiting to be matched

Big Brothers needs men like you- to step up to the plate.

We have a severe shortage of Big Brothers in Greater Sudbury.

Throughout Greater Sudbury, more than 28 boys—enough for 2 baseball teams—are waiting for Big Brothers now. The average wait for boys to be matched with a Big Brother can be up to1-2 years. Some boys graduate from the programs never been given the opportunity to have a positive male role model due to the challenges in increasing our male volunteer base.

“Two years is too long”, says Chantal Gladu, Executive Director. “Maybe people don’t realize that boys can wait that long. I am confident that the city of Greater Sudbury can find at least 28 men to become Big Brothers this year.”

Keep in mind, the need is not to adopt these boys. Nor is it to parent them. Rather, the need is simply to mentor them, showing them in the clearest way possible—through the gift of friendship—that they matter, that people care, that life is good. 

Big Brothers and Big Sisters invest 2 outings a month in the lives of young people, many of whom come from single-parent families and all of whom need positive role models. 

“With more than 28 boys waiting for a Big Brother and a rising number of single-parent families in our area, we’re asking for men to come forward,” says Chantal Gladu, Executive Director. “We have a vision that every child who needs a mentor will have a mentor. We need men in Greater Sudbury to come forward and make a difference now”.

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