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The Chocolate Bar that turned into a wedding ring

It started at a bowl for kids sake while I was living in Fort St, John British Columbia. I was not matched at the time and was waiting for that stage to happen. I decided to attend the BFKS to support the fundraiser and was teamed up with a Big Sister/little sister match and a little girl on the waiting list. Her name was Lindsey and she had had a couple of matches already that didn't work out and we got to talking. We played our game and had a great time. She offered me her chocolate bar and I was hooked on her. We were matched not to soon after. A year of walks, movies and "sisters pizza" later, I had to move away (back to Ontario, my home province). I missed her like crazy but we kept in touch. She would write me letters about what was happening in her life and I would reply with the happenings of mine. We lost touch for a little while (her older teenage years) and then I found her again on Facebook where we still chat today.

Once back in Ontario I did not have the time to commit to a Little so I decided to join the board. I've held various positions on the board including President. I was on the board for almost 7 years before I was married at a Bowl for Kids Sake event. NO KIDDING! We were legally married on February 24th, 2007 at the Bowl for Kids Sake Event in Sudbury, ON. My husband and I decided that because we didn't need anything we would have our guests donate to the local agency as a wedding present to us. A little sister and brother were our flower girl and ring bearer and we all had a wonderful time while bowlers played in the background dressed in wedding attire. I soon became pregnant and had to step down from the board but whole heartedly intend to come back the agency when I am able.

That's my Story. It all started with a chocolate bar and a little girl name Lindsey.

Written by: Melanie Junge-Russell

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